Phytomedica is shareholder of the Polish Suppliers Group of OTC Preparations Co. Ltd. This company gathers several Polish manufacturers of the OTC preparations. This give us new and better possibilities for co-operation with pharmacies, health food stores and wholesalers.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies and health food stores will deal with one bigger supplier instead of several smaller suppliers. The participation in to the Polish Suppliers Group gives access to resources of other partners in the Group. This also broaden profolio of Group products and makes it more attractive.

Part of offered by us preparations is imported from Scandinavia. It is the Immulina product group, which is manufactured in Poland in pharmaceutical standard, currently.

Our partners are:

  • Amazon UK
  • Polish Suppliers Group of OTC Preparations Co. Ltd.
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Production Company Profarm Co. Ltd.
  • Pharmaceutical Production Company Gemi
  • Tantus Co. Ltd.

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