Supports Muscle and Joint Health

It is hardy possible to overestimate the role of physiotherapy for joint and muscle health. This discipline of medicine comprises many therapeutic methods. One of the most important is the kinesitherapy, which is the treatment of various health problems and dieseases by passive and active muscular movements.

The second important part is the physical therapy that comprises of great number of various physical procedures like: electro-therapy (electric stimulation, diadynamic, galvanisation), light therapy (laser, sollux), ultrasound treatment, heat and cryotherapy (diathermy), hydrotherapy, and many others.

Therapeutic massage and transdermal application of various medicines plays also important role. The transdermal application can be also made through iontophoresis, compress and cataplasm treatments.

Flexoprin cream is a cosmetics that provides unique complex of five natural plant extracts and MSM, that work synergistically. Flexoprin applied onto skin together with light massage restores freshness and brings elasticity quickly. It soothes and makes comfortable in local problems.

The essential advantage of such procedure is that the active ingredients are given close to the place of problem avoiding side effects of the systemic treatment.


Please notice! The presented product is a cosmetic and this presentation does not intend to attribute to it the property of preventing, treating or curing a human disease, or refer to such properties.

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