Phytomedica is a Polish company focused on research, development and marketing of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements with clinically proven and scientifically documented effect and safety of operation. Through a strategic partnership both in research and sales we are going to create a new standard for the industry and we want to achieve a leading position in the segment of nutraceuticals.

vision & mission

Phytomedica wants to help people improve their health, well being and quality of life. We want to accomplish this by developing and supplying high quality products of which people will be able to make independent use. At the same time Phytomedica wants to be a leading company for innovation and a profitable company that operates in the nutraceuticals market.

Phytomedica wants to achieve its vision by applying its human capital and strategic alliances with selected partners to research and development and marketing of nutraceuticals. The Company will use its competitive advantages to be one of the foremost companies in the market in which it operates by creating nutraceuticals and dietary supplements with clinically proven activity.


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