Spirulina derived extract and Yeast derived β-glucan are the active ingredients of Immulina® and ImmuMax®

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LCEPEEN — special extract derived from Spirulina platensis (Arthrospira), a member of the cyanobactria (called blue-green algae previously) is an actve ingredient of ImmuMax and Immulina. This extract has potent immunomodulatory properties.

Preparations of Spirulina are popular dietary supplements that are consumed for their high nutritional value and their immunostimulatory properties. ImmuMax and Immulina provides a patented aqueous alcohol extract of Spirulina containing high molecular weight lipo-polysaccharides. This preparation has been identified as a potent activator of cells of the immune system. In tissue culture, LCEPEEN extract stimulates cells of the monocyte-macrophage system and dendritic cells to produce regulatory "pro-inflammatory" cytokines. In mice, Immumax and Immulina are over 10 times more efficacious than Spirulina in stimulating immune cells. In human monocytic THP-1 cells, this stimulatory effect of LCEPEEN extract can be traced to the activation of NF-κB, a transcription factor that regulates the expression of genes involved in immune and inflammatory responses.

1Activity of LCEPEEN extract is checked in vitro by monocyte activation test with use of NF-κB luciferase reporter gene assay. Plugh et al. Planta Med. 2001, Vol. 67: 737-742 Zhang G. and Ghosh S.
2Toll-like receptor–mediated NF-κB activation: a phylogenetically conserved paradigm in innate immunity J. Clin Invest, January 2001, Vol. 107, No. 1, 13-19

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