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ImmuMax provides four active compounds having beneficial imapct on immune system. Two of them have a proven immuno-modulatory activity enhancing innate immunity mainly. Additional two other components Acerola Fruit Extract and Zinc Gluconate, which not only support effect of the first two compounds on the immune system but also are necessary for the normal function of the whole body.

Compounds with Immunomodulatory Action:
β 1,3-1,6 D-glucan — large molecule insolouble polysaccharides (PS) compound derived from Baker's Yeast Extract Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and
● LCEPEEN — a lipo-polysaccharide (LPS) complex derived from Spirulina Platensis Extract.
Both compounds act on immune system synergistically, which means that their joint effect is bigger than just the sum their individual effects.

Lipo-polysaccharides from Spirulina Extract and polysaccharides from Baker's Yeast Extract imitate antigens of some bacteria, viruses and fungai. Both compounds are too large to be absorbed directly from bowel tract. Microfold cells (M cells) are found in the follicle-associated epithelium of small intestine. M cells have the unique ability to take up antigens and also these compounds from the lumen of the small intestine via endocytosis, and then deliver them via Antigen Presenting Cells and activate lymphocytes (T cells) located in a unique pocket-like structure on basolateral side of Payer's patches. Payer's patches are part of the Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT) where stimmulation of further elements of the immune system takes place.

Compounds with Immune Supportive Action:
● Acerola Fruit Extract and
● Zinc — in a form of easy absorbable gluconate.
These two additional compounds do not have their own immuno-modulatory activity, however they are necessary for proper function of the immune system and they are supporting the effect of the first two compounds. It is hardly possible to overestimate their beneficial effect on the whole immune system. Their mode of action has been presented on next pages.

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Please notice! The presented product is a dietary supplement and this presentation does not intend to attribute to it the property of preventing, treating or curing any human disease, or does not refer to such properties. Exact to the Directive 2002/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on 10 June 2002.