School, kindergarten and nursery are the places where respiratory tract infection spreads very easily. The reason is fact gathering many children in the same space. Children that have impaired immune function get sick more often and the heaviest. That are often the children that go to school or kindergarten for the first time. Their immune system have not been exposed to pathogens and have not been prepared for infection jet. The impaired immune system may manifest frequent or recurrent respiratory tract infection and/or allergy. The antibiotic treatment may also depress immune system.

It is worthy to try Immulina syrup - dietary supplement - in such situation. Immulina provides special extract from microalgae Arthrospira platensis and C vitamin. It is the most potent nutraceutical in relationship to the activation of the immune system through antigen presenting cells eg. macrophages, monocytes and dendritic cells (sources: --> 1, --> 2 and --> 3). This extract provides a special complex that imitates some bacteria, viruses and fungi and prepares (trains) immune system for infection.

Immulina can be taken by every child in order to enhance immune system before the cold and flu season. A better immune system reduces the risk of infection. Immulina acts very quickly and within two days or so, initiates processes that enhance immune system function.