Immulina is a dietary supplement. It is the most potent nutraceutical in relationship to the activation of the immune system through antigen presenting cells (read more) eg. macrophages, monocytes and dendritic cells (sources: --> 1, --> 2 and --> 3). A better immune system reduces the risk of infection, common cold and flu. Immulina can be used for boosting the immune system before the cold and flu season. Moreover, an impaired immune system can (may) manifest itself in recurrent infection of the respiratory system or urinary tract. The impaired (weakened) immune system might be the result of antibiotic therapy and/or during and after x-ray- and chemotherapy.
Immulina very quickly, within two - three days or so, initiates processes that enhance immune system function; (see --> source). Better function of the immune system could manifest itself in e.g. a reduction of cold sore incidents (HSV1 infection) and is beneficial in genital herpes (HSV2 infection) and also in allergy. Better function of the immune system also has a positive impact in cases of infection (alleviate symptoms and reduces its time).
Immulina is used as a daily dietary supplement of on average 1 or 2 capsules a day. The dose may be doubled in cases of a weakened immune system. The Activity of Immuliny is monitored and guaranteed at a level of at least 1,000 monocytes activation units in each capsule.

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