Dietary supplement - Immulina syrup for children has been enriched by Acerola fruit extract so called Barbados cherry (Malpighia glabra), which provides natural C vitamin in bioflavonoid complex. Barbados cherry is recordholder with regard to the amount of C vitamin. One acerola fruit with an averrage weight 4.5 g has as much C vitamin as one kg of lemons. One small glass 0.3 pint of acerola juice contains as much C vitamin as 3 gallons of organge juice.

Moreover the acerola fruit provides substantial amount of beta-carotene (A provitamin) and thiamine (B1 vitamin), riboflavin (B2 vitamin), niacin (B3 vitamin), calcium, phosphorus and iron.
The C vitamin present in this syrup is much more active than synthetic one. It is in bioflavonoid complex, together with rutin and hesperidin. Vitamin C in this complex is slowly released, is more stable and has better bioavailability and thanks that has better impact. Furthermore rutin and hespridin have positive influence on blood vessels and immune system. C vitamin plays many function in the body and i.a. enhances immune system, increases resistnace to infection and counteracts tiredness.

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