Flexoprin cream is a cosmetic preparation providing unique combination of five natural plant extracts and MSM that act synergistically. Flexoprin cream applied onto skin acts relaxing, calming and soothing and restores freshness and elasticity

Chamomile flower extract provides active constituents that show very strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and spasmolytic (muscle relaxing) properties, protecting joints from an oxidative damage resulting from the cascade of free radicals created in the inflammation process.

Astragalus root extract, called in Chinese medicine Huang qi: is source of i.a. astragalosides that linked to amino-acids and trace elements show immunomodulating activity. It is beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erthematodes (SLE) and other autoimmune diseases by inhibiting excessive immunological reactions.

Angelica root extract , called in Chinese medicine Dong Quai: is source of many substances showing anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Angelica volatile oils have been used traditionally to alleviate rheumatic pain.

Echinacea root exstract providing i.a. echinosides that show immunomodulating properties supporting healing and toxins elimination process.

Lemon fruit extract which is rich source of vitamins, C vitamin in particular, and several bio-flavonoids, antiseptic, anti-oxidant and anti-nflammatory substances, which produce soothing and analgesic effect.

MSM (methyl-sulphonyl-methane) is natural source of organic sulphur necessary in repair and regeneration processes and new cell formation.