B odyDetox
Dietary Supplement
powder in pouches to prepare water suspension


There is no comparison with other similar products. After Bodydetox24 programme my disposition was clearly better. I surely will buy this product again. This opinion was given on Polish consumer review "CENEO"

It is one week after I had the Bodydetox24 programme. It is revelation to me. I lost 2.5 kg but I do feel lighter like losing 25 kg. The flatulent belly disappeared. I am on diet now an I do not feel hunger. I'll have wedding in August and I have to lose 10 kg. I've lost 4 till now. I am visiting toiled regularly now, what was huge problem before.
Opinion from Polish internet forum http://vitalia.pl/forum4,796822,0_Body-detox-24-co-o-tym-sadzicie.html

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Please notice! The presented product is a dietary supplement and this presentation does not intend to attribute to it the property of preventing, treating or curing any human disease, or refer to such properties. Exact to Directive 2002/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 June 2002.