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  • Xylitol — natural sweetener, it belongs to polyols, alcohols containing multiple hydroxyl groups, widely used as sweeteners. It is usually produced from a sugar maltose from birch juice or grains of cereals (e.g. corn). It is a fully natural compound. One gram of xylitol provides many fewer calories as compared with sugar so it is recommended to people on weight reducing diets or aiming to keep optimal body weight. Additionally it prevents dental caries. A larger amount may produce a light laxative effect.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar — is a natural preparation that supports metabolism, slimming course and body cleansing. It provides mineral complex and natural acetic acid. It improves kidney and GI tract functions and regulates several biological processes helping to improve metabolism, reduce body weight and tiredness feeling. It increases oxygen level in blood and actively supports combustion of food.
  • Citric Acid — acidity regulator, called also citrus salt (Sal Essentiale Citri), is widely represented in plants, as acid or in a form of salt. It is present in many fruits, and particularly in lemon fruit. Moreover, citric acid is present in small quantities in all living species. Citric acid has antioxidant activity, forms complexes with heavy metals and alkaloids that accelerate their spontaneous oxidation (which can be used as antidote in case of alkaloid’s intoxication). It also facilitates calcium absorption in digestive tract. It is also widely used as acidity regulator.
  • Epsom Salt — called also bitter salt it is magnesium sulphate. Epsom salt when applied orally works as laxative and cholagogue agent. It works in both small and large intestine. Salt attracts water and keeps it in the bowel lumen thereby increasing inter-intestinal pressure. It also softens the stools and increases bowel movement. It also stimulates cholecystokinin release, which promotes bile, pancreatic juice and digestive enzymes secretion and stimulates contraction of gall bladder and bile release and at the same time relaxation of sphincter Oddi, while other laxatives constrict this sphincter and reduce bile and pancreatic juice secretion. Magnesium consumption has a positive effect on the reduction of the level of heavy metal in the body[12,13,14] and increase of energetic level of cells.
  • Natural Lemon Flavour — this section is under preparation ... sorry
  • Pineapple Juice Powder — this section is under preparation ... sorry
  • Aloes (leaves powder) — this section is under preparation ... sorry
  • Silicon Dioxide — this section is under preparation ... sorry

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