BodyDetox24 — clinical survey - 4

Alanine Aminotransferase, (ALAT)

s-ALAT is a marker of liver function. Increased values are seen at liver damage, e.g. at alcohol consumption. No particular change in mean values was recorded in the healthy study group, who all were below reference value.

  Mean value before treatment Mean value after treatment Reference value
The whole group 27 U/L 25 U/L ≤ 45 U/L
Participants with values above the reference before or after the test 52 U/L 49 U/L ≤ 45 U/L

Mean ALAT values for the whole group was below the reference value (≤ 45 U/L) before as well as after using BodyDetox24. A small number of participants had initial ALAT values above the reference value. Mean values for this group were reduced by 6 %. (Figure is shown in detail to the right).

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