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Price List from January 1st, 2017.
BodyDetox24 x 4 pouches €7.00  
Flexoprin cream tube 50 ml
product unavailable temporarily
Immulina Plus x30 capsules €8.50  
Immulina Plus x60 capsules €16.00  
Immulina Plus forte x30 capsules €14.00  
Immulina Plus liquid 100 ml €6.50  
Myalgan x30 tablets €6.50  
Myalgan x60 tablets €12.00  
Myalgan x120 tablets €22.00  
proMyalgan x30 tablets €6.50  
proMyalgan x60 tablets €12.00  
proMyalgan x120 tablets €22.00  
proMyalgan x120 + 30 tablets
during promotion only
proMyalgan cream 50 ml €4.50  
proMyalgan cream 100 ml
product unavailable temporarily
Rheumafort x30 capsules €6.00  
Rheumafort x60 capsules €11.00  
Rheumafort x120 capsules €20.00  
Rheumafort 120 + 30 capsules
during promotion only
SilicoSan tubes 50 ml €4.50  
SilicoSan tubes 100 ml €8.00  

Middle exchange rate € 1.00 — 4.4240 PLN (at the National Bank of Poland for December 30th, 2016). For the exact exchange rate contact your bank please. This aforementioned exchange rate value is presented for your information only and it is not commercially binding.

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