Acne Myths & Facts - 3

Myth: I can’t really get my acne treated. I just have to wait to grow out of it.

Fact: You will be glad to know that this is not true! It is possible to treat your acne. Mild acne cases can be well controlled by over-the-counter preparations. Though acne does subside over time in most people, untreated acne can leave unsightly scars.

Myth: There is no need to see a doctor because of acne. It will cure itself and doctor does not have much to do with it.

Fact: Fortunately the majority of acne cases have light or limited intensity. However, inappropriate treatment and/or severe cases may have a heavy outcome and may lead to permanent scars and blemishes. This may have a serious impact on self-esteem, social relationships and psyche for people affected by this problem. In these situations prescription medicine might be needed and one should contact a specialist.

Myth: Squeezing out our pimple is an easy and safe way to get rid of it.

Fact: Squeezing or picking at your pimple may often damage structures under the skin and can leave a permanent scar. It can also make your pimple more inflamed. Leaving your pimple alone is best. There is no such thing as squeezing and picking safely.

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