SilicoSan and Acne

Several clinical studies have shown that application of colloidal silica sol-gel twice a day clearly reduces number of acne skin lesions like: closed comedones (whiteheads - look like bumps on skin's surface), open comedones (blackheads), pimples and pustules. The visible effects may come even after few applications, however, for firm effect one has to use silica sol-gel regularly for 4 - 6 weeks depending on intensity of problem.

Colloidal silica sol-gel effectively purifies skin and helps to combat acne thanks to its huge active adsorbing surface. It shoul be applied onto problem skin in form of a mask. When it dries out it forms a film that binds all impurities, bacteria, toxins and excessive sebum. It helps to reduce skin irritation and/or inflammation providing soothing effect. Colloidal silica sol-gel might be applied onto active purulent acne lesions in contrary to other topical preparations.

SilicoSan and Complexion Care

Colloidal silica sol-gel is designed not only for people with acne. It has powerful revitalizing properties and it is intense cleansing mask. It removes effectively excessive sebum, other impurities and skin spots leaving skin visibly fresher and brighter. At the same time wrinkle smoothing and more luminous and softer skin can be observed. Colloidal silica sol-gel is ideal for people with oily complexion. They may apply skin-mask on oily regions like forehead, nose, and nasolabial folds daily or for deeper cleansing weekly after steam bath preferably.

Please notice! The presented preparation is a cosmetic product and this presentation does not intend to attribute to it the property of preventing, treating or curing any human disease, or refer to such properties.