Van der Waals Forces

Van der Waals forces are intermolecular interactions in short distance up to 0.5 nm. The might be are created by induced dipole moments between molecules or - in case of disperses interactions - transient asymmetries of electric charge in molecules or atoms.

These forces are present in crystals of all kind (dominating in molecular crystals), moreover they have basic importance in adsorption phenomenon, condensation of gases and solvolises*.

Thanks these forces flys, beetles and even lizzards can walk on ceiling, on glass or slippery surfaces disregarding rules of gravitation.

The picture nearby, taken from an electronic microscope, shows how feet of these animals are built. Their surfaces are covered by micro-villi. Between molecules (atoms) of these micro-villi and material molecules (atoms) of the surface they are walking on are created van der Waals forces due to the transient asymmetry of electric charge in these molecules or atoms. And even though these forces are pretty small they are created in a very small space, thus the bigger the space the bigger the forces will be.

Scientists have managed to create such kind of material in their laboratories. One square inch of fabric made of this material enables to hold weight of many pounds. In an experiment 1.0 square inch of fabric made from this material could hold 1.5 metric tons car hanging from the ceiling. The person having gloves and socks from this fabric would be able to walk on glass wall and glass ceiling - real Spiderman.

These forces are also formed in the colloidal silica sol-gel and are determining the amazing properties of silica sol-gel hence also SilicoSan and SilicoDent.

*Solvolysis is a special type of chemical reaction where chemical compound being in solution reacts with molecules of solvent (so called nucleophile). For certain nucleophiles, there are specific terms for the type of solvolysis reaction. For water, the term is hydrolysis; for alcohols, it is alcoholysis.
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